An experienced management team

Denise Goldman and Zoe Hill have been leading the management team at The Cedars for over 10 years and have an insightful, working knowledge of the home which is invaluable. Denise is a registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience and Zoe has held the post of financial administrator at The Cedars for over a decade.

Three years ago Denise and Zoe were joined by Alison Partridge who heads up HR, Training and Payroll Administration. Alison has a CIPD certificate in Personnel Practice and Core Management. Together, the three of them have provided a stable and efficient management team at The Cedars for a number of years which is unusual in an industry in which a high turnover of staff is quite common. The strength and durability of this management team is indicative of the calm and friendly environment that staff at The Cedars work in.


The staffing team

Caring staff.jpg

The staff at The Cedars consists of highly trained professionals who strive to provide an excellent level of care and assistance as well as ensuring that residents feel at home and confident enough to be able to express their views and to have a say in their care.

Staff members at The Cedars treat residents with respect and acknowledge each resident’s needs to remain an individual with specific needs, wishes and views.


Residents’ independence

At the forefront of everything we do at The Cedars is the philosophy that each resident is an individual and residents are encouraged to maintain their individuality and supported to retain their independence as much as possible.

A family environment

Residents’ families are welcome to visit at any time and are very much involved with the home in line with individual resident’s wishes. We acknowledge the importance that family and friends play in the caring process and we never take this for granted. Residents, family members or friends of residents can request a meeting with staff at any time to discuss any part of the resident’s care plan and their participation at events run at the home is greatly encouraged.